Commercial Vehicle Rust Removal 

For over 35 years Dr. Detail provides onsite washing and cleaning for any surface discoloration and damages.  Just to name a few we remove: Rust and Heavy Stains, Oil and By-Products, Paint, Graffiti and other unsightly surface stains from Personal, Commercial and Industrial Vehicles & Equipment o Buildings and Residential from surfaces.  We also Clean and Bleach Concrete surfaces

We restore any surfaces of unsightly and damaging markings which if left unattended for a length of time will penetrate deeper into surfaces and become more difficult to remove.

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Commercial/Industrial Vehicles and Equipment: 

Rust escalates to a serious problem when salt from the road adheres to vehicle and equipment surfaces.  Left untreated, the resulting oxidization leaves build ups and exposure to the dampness for long periods of time impose serious impacts on the surfaces.  Build up of rust also occurs on older vehicles and equipment from surface scratches.

Inquire about removal rust and surface stains!

Clean concrete from trucks and equipment and keep it from returning.

For Fleet management, contact us about our Annual Maintenance plans.

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We clean & detail interiors of Personal Vehicles, Commercial Trucks and Heavy Equipment, Trains, Buses and Boats.  For additional services: Read More

Vacuum Truck Services, Heavy Duty Equipment Cleaning & Degreasing, Mobile Fleet Washing, Rail Car Cleaning, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Acid washing, Oil Field Compressor Stations & Equipment, Steaming, Line Thawing & Jetting Parking lots & Parkade Cleaning, Graffiti Removal, and Line Painting