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  • review rating 5  Bent my 22” Tesla model X wheel. Andrew fixed it without a problem. Amazing work. No one can do the quality of work like they can. Very professional. Reasonably priced. Thank you soooo much!!!

    thumb Bernard Spinoti

    review rating 5  Spoke to Andrew Regarding a crack on my Mercedes alloy which kept on giving me a flat tyre, he explained the procedure to fix the alloy. My alloy Had a weld on it from the previous owner that needed fixed and touched up. I was happy with the work and service, Andrew didn’t charge me for the touch up for the previous weld. His work was good and clean definitely recommend him and will be back if I need any other work done. Andrew is all about doing a good and safe solid job when it comes to alloys, if its weak weld or not done good it could be dangerous, Andrew looks after his customers and makes sure they safe, he went that extra mile to fix my alloy.

    thumb Bobby Singh

    review rating 5  Arrived late this morning for my appointment with Dr Detail, Andrew assured me that all was good, #@$& happens. (January traffic) Really nice guy, he explained in detail what he was going to do, gave me a written estimate. I agreed to the work, signed off on it. I picked up my car about an hour ago, holy @#$& what a great job! I had a number of scratches on the doors and bumper that are pretty much gone now. Andrew and his team did an amazing job. I recommend absolutely and I will definitely be back! Thanks Dr Detail, amazing work!

    thumb Giuliano Cirillo
  • review rating 5  Just picked up two wheels off my BMW X6, had a bad case of curb rash, was sure I’d have to replace my wheels. Andrew did an fantastic job on these wheels, exceeded my expectations! Great staff, super friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely a five star service for me, I hope not to be back but will definitely recommend this place to everyone! Thanks guys!

    thumb Yvan Legace

    review rating 5  I don't normally write reviews, but the service I received was amazing and I wanted to share my experience for anyone who might be considering going to Dr. Detail to get their rims fixed. My dad went over a pot hole a couple of weeks ago and discovered that his rim was cracked when replacing his tires. The dealership quoted us about $350 for a new one, so we decided to try getting it repaired instead. I was somewhat apprehensive at first - I wasn't sure if my rim could actually be fixed and if this was going to be a sunk cost. I read some reviews that Dr.Detail got and decided to give them a call. Long story short- I was not disappointed. Andrew and team are extremely welcoming, had great professionalism and customer service. I dropped off my rim in the morning and picked it up end of day. When I came to pick it up, the receptionist had Andrew personally greet me, and he took his time in explaining everything that he did. His workmanship was fantastic, and I could tell that my rim would not break again. He even promised me that if something were to happen, that I could bring it back and have him look at it. Not only that, he actually carried the rim himself and walked me to my car because he didn't want my hands to get dirty. Andrew is incredibly genuine and I would recommend anyone to go to Dr.Detail for any service. Highly recommend. Side note- When I took the rim to my mechanic to put on a new tire, they were impressed and actually asked to keep Andrew's business card. Looking forward to doing business with you again, Andrew.

    thumb Fatheen Ali

    review rating 5  I have been to a few places to get my SUV detailed, and Dr. Detail has been by the far the greatest experience. The staff was super friendly and did a fantastic job! It was very last minute on my part, and they did everything they could to accommodate me. I highly recommend Andrew and his team to anyone looking for detailing or repairs.

    thumb Taylor Currie
  • review rating 5  Just wanted to leave this review as I am amazed at the professionalism at this shop. I called in last week to enquire about curb rash on my 2017 Audi, to be honest I was freaking out. I was greeted by a well informed receptionist who passed me over to one of the technicians, from him I was given a rough estimate but was asked to stop in. Well estimate was great, but the work was PERFECT! Can’t thank these guys enough, I definitely recommend stopping in!

    thumb Anthony D.

    review rating 5  Had to get an urgent detailing done, got lucky because there was a cancellation. Even though it was going to go well over his closing time if he were to take the job, he took the time to see my car, quote me a very reasonable price, and did an amazing job. What's best about all this is that he was professional, courteous, and did the job faster than the estimate time he gave me, and car looked amazing! He even pointed out what I can do to keep the car in good shape, and recommended some additional services. I'm definitely coming back when I get a chance. If you want your care taken care of with attention and details, call Dr. Detail Inc and ask for Andrew, he's your man.

    thumb Damien Min

    review rating 5  I was referred to Dr Detail by the dealership. I picked up my Tesla Model 3 about 6 weeks ago and messed up one of the rims, I was sure I would have to have the rim replaced but fortunately the dealership suggested I go see Dr Detail first. I called in was told to stop by to show the damage. I saw Andy when I got there, he quickly assessed the damage and gave me an estimate for repair, it was much cheaper then a new rim so I went for it. Just 36 hours later my rim is back on my car, looking as good as new. I recommend everyone to come here, great staff, great prices, and most importantly GREAT WORK! Thank you guys

    thumb Scott McNeil
  • review rating 5  I took a long drive from Waterloo to Brampton to get the rims of my MB S 550 repaired. I found the staff very professional and friendly. They not only finished the job well in time but did an excellent job. I now have my original rims at a small fraction of the price had I wanted to replace them with new ones. The long trip was worth it

    thumb Tasnim Malik

    review rating 5  We invested in an 8 year old rv/camper, needless to say it needed some cleaning. Was referred by a fellow RV friend, she told me Dr Detail did an amazing job on hers. I called and scheduled an appointment. Andy arrived on time with his mobile unit. Did a great job, price was very reasonable, service was excellent. I definitely recommend Dr Detail! Thank you Andy and staff for such a pleasant experience.

    thumb Samantha P

    review rating 5  Was referred by a friend of mine. I needed to have my truck cleaned inside and out. Andy did a great job of the cleanup. Going back to have all the chrome high polished. Prices are very reasonable. Definitely recommend Dr Detail.

    thumb Tasso T
  • review rating 5  Hi All. i was referred to Dr Detail by my tire guys. I had some pretty awful curb rash on the right side rims. I was ready to scrap them but was told to go see Dr Detail first. Much to my surprise with a very reasonable quote, I decided to have them refinished. Andrew was upfront about the outcome, he mention that it would not be 100% but close. Well I'm giving the job a 9.5 out of 10! I dropped them off on Monday, picked them up Thursday and they are now on my car and looking great! I definitely recommend Dr Detail. Great staff and very knowledgeable!

    thumb Kevin Watts

    review rating 5  Had my Rims completely refinished here after reading some of the reviews. Only great things to say. Andy gave me a quote and explained what I could expect in results, also gave me an expected time (which he beat) for the repair. Rims look great, saved me a lot of cash. On a scale of 10, I will definitely give the job a 9.5. Already booked an appointment for a complete detailing. Won't be going anywhere else, neither should you. Thanks Dr Detail!

    thumb George K

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